Oats Oats Baby (200g)


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Start your day with our oats, baby! This soothing scrub is best at relieving itchiness, rashes and dry, flaky skin. It also increases the natural production of collagen, which aids in smoothing out stretch marks. Made with only the best Arabica coffee beans, along with highly moisturizing, regenerating & exfoliating oils & flakes, this body-loving blend was designed to actively target cellulite and skin conditions like acne & eczema. Just one scrub will leave you—and your skin—looking & feeling amazing!

  1. Suitable for all skin types
  2. Anti-inflammatory 
  3. Effective in healing dry & itchy skin
  4. Natural moisturiser by removing dead skin cells
  5. It enhances wound healing
  6. A natural cleanser
  7. It leaves behind soft and silky skin and reduces pore size


Ground & Roasted Arabica Beans, Sea Salt, Fine Oatmeal, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macademia Oil, Jojoba Oil & Orange Oil


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