Suga Daddy (200g)


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Our Suga Daddy always has your backā€¦along with every other part šŸ˜‰

This highly moisturizing scrub rocks when it comes to reducing the appearance of those pesky fine lines. It also aids in treating ingrown hairs and KeratosisĀ PolarisĀ (a fancy name for theĀ little red spots on the back of your arms & legs), all while keeping your skin supple and youthful. On top of all that, its blend of fine Arabica coffee beans and regenerating, exfoliating oils & sugars actively targets cellulite, stretch marks, acne & eczema. Now thatā€™s what we call taking care of you!

  1. Acts as a natural exfoliant
  2. Does not clog pores
  3. Helps eliminate blemishes
  4. Restores balance to skin’s oils
  5. Removes dead skin cells that accumulate and cleanses pores
  6. Sugar acts as an exfoliant of dead skin before self tanning, preventing excessive tanning being absorbed in areas like knees, ankles, and elbows.


Ground & Roasted Arabica Beans, Raw Sugar, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macademia Oil, Jojoba Oil & Orange Oil


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