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  1. Add products to your cart
  2. Refer to min spent header in cart for Free Gift (if applicable)
  3. At checkout page, select Free Gift product of your choice
  4. Ensure it is added to order when you checkout

*If you do not select any Free Gift product before checking out, it will not be included with your purchase.

*If you do not see the gift after checking out even though you have selected it, it was not added properly. Kindly contact Shopee CS to report the error.

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Remember to reuse the packaging and boxes sent!

You’ll be happy to know that since we started in 2013, ALL of our packaging are reused, or made out of recycled materials, except bubblewrap.

Please visit if you are looking to donate packaging materials. Let’s do our part to save the earth!

If you wish to drop off packaging materials at our location, please email to

Order can be cancelled anytime between unpaid order status and before shipment arrangement. However, after the shipment has been arranged, order has been packed and ready for pickup, we are not able to accept cancellation requests for the order as it will generate waste when we have to dispose the used packaging.

For more information, please view Shopee FAQ

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If it nicks, it reeks.

Bovem understands the caution that comes with trimming your nether regions. They are the golden globes after all. That’s why they’ve ensured that their Bovem Globe™ Trimmers are specially engineered with TrimSafe™ technology for precision.

If you’ve unfortunately experienced any cuts or have product-related enquiries, get in touch with them at and they’ll take it from there.

BODYBLENDZ.SG is proud to be the official partner to promote, negotiate, tender, sell and exhibit on behalf of Bovem in the whole territory of Singapore. As a partner, we will fulfil the orders on e-commerce platforms. As for product enquiries, warranty information, replacements for defects, please contact You may cc in the thread to keep us in the loop.

Kindly arrange for collection of your order before Shopee Guarantee expiry. Select “Seller Fleet” as method & enter “Self Collect” in remarks. Free for order above $40, otherwise $3.99.

Head to booking link to book your timeslot after payment has been verified by Shopee. Strictly no walk-ins.

Book early to secure preferred timeslot. Booking with invalid information will be cancelled.

  1. Select “Seller Own Fleet” as method. in order (You would not need to make payment for the order yet)
  2. Provide order ID for fee quotation using Chat – Live Agent
  3. Top up the fee via Shopee Pay to or
  4. Order will be shipped after top up & payment verification by Shopee

Delivery fee quoted is based on location, parcel size & weight steps 5KG, 25KG

Select “Seller Own Fleet” as method. Typically delivered next working day upon pickup. High volume period: Pickup by next work day & delivered within 1-3 working days upon pickup; For order <$100 or restricted zone/school/site office/factory/island, we may use external courier with same timeframe to assist us. Delivery arrangement notification provides timeframe. Working hours: typically 9am – 10pm Monday – Friday excluding Public Holidays, they may also deliver on weekends during high volume periods.

Shopee integrated logistics do not take responsibility for item damages. Please choose store pickup/seller fleet/urgent delivery to receive goods faster and in pristine condition.

Select “Speedpost Economy”/”Shopee Express” as method. High volume period: Pickup in 2 working days & delivered in 2 weeks due to expected Shopee & courier errors.

*Prone to delay in pickup and delivery due to Shopee shipment error or courier company problems during high volume period

To track your order, please refer to your order page or visit the sites: Speedpost & J&T Express

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and is also the most visible body part to the outside world. There’s no wonder why society cares so much about making sure their skin is healthy and looks its best. Skin says a lot about a person, it is a clear indication of good health and age. When we analyze our skin, it generally falls under one of a few key categories.

There is sensitive skin, normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and irritated skin. All skin types can benefit from exfoliation and Body Blendz has formulated each of our coffee scrubs to target specific skin conditions and needs. Our skin can often be a mix of two basic skin types so it is important to understand that everybody is unique and each person will have different skin concerns.

Our Sugar Glow has been formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Our Coco Luxe is formulated especially for dry skin and Vanilla Blush is best for oily, combination and irritated skin types. Our Mandarin Mist is best used on hyper-sensitive skin types and on the face. Below you will get the down low on which Body Blendz natural coffee scrub is best for your skin and why.

Hyper-Sensitive Skin Types or For Face Use

Mandarin Mist – a beach vacay! Unlike the other scrubs, it does not contain Benzyl Alcohol which hyper sensitive skin types may avoid. Like Sugar Glow, the Mandarin Mist is nut free. It has exfoliating coffee beans and sugar, moisturising coconut and jojoba oils, and reviving mandarin and grapefuit oils that work together to actively cleanse, hydrate, and restore skin. These delicious smelling, nutrient rich ingredients contain antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-ageing benefits that remove grime and make-up, target cellulite and stretch marks, and clear acne and eczema for smooth, silky results.

Sensitive & Dry Skin Types

Sugar Glow to the rescue – this baby is ultra-hydrating and instantly boosts radiance. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, Sugar Glow is nut free, perfect for skin that is easily irritated. Sugar Glow is an express one-way ticket to becoming a glowing goddess. Sugar Glow is your best friend when it comes to ingrown hairs, keeping those pesky little nuisances away. The product is formulated with delicious Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E which boost your skins radiance whilst protecting and nourishing.


Dry & Dull Skin Types

Coco Luxe came to whisk you away – super hydrating and smoothing, thanks to its unique blend of essential oils, works wonders on dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Its supercharged formula quickly removes dead skin cells, clears away dirt, grime and effectively removes make-up. Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Ground Arabica Coffee Beans assist in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while Coconut Oil acts as a natural sun protectant and hydrator.


Oily, Combination & Irritated Skin Types

Vanilla Blush, a heavenly essential – with its soothing and regenerating properties Vanilla Blush is perfect for relieving itchiness, rashes and dry flaky skin. This formulation is a luxurious blend of essential oils and nourishing oatmeal. Macadamia and Jojoba Oils assist in strengthening skin’s collagen and stimulating new collagen production which aids in smoothing out stretch marks and keeps skin looking youthful.


Whatever your skin type and concerns, there is a Body Blendz scrub that is perfect for you. You don’t have to stick to just one blend, we like to mix it up and rotate them all in our routine, although this article should help you make a good choice if you are searching for your one true Body Blendz love.